28 April, 2006

Ahoy, there! Or Adventuring

Being the Rijeka Tiger Pirates that we are, our vacation naturally included many elements of adventure. One afternoon in particular, Michelle, Pete, and I embarked on a grand paddle-boat (or ‘pedalino’ as our wonderful hostess/landlady/renter-person Gabriela called it) quest. The pedalinos can be seen in the distance in the photo above.

Don't Pete and Michelle look pirate-y? We sailed well beyond the territory known to previous (and less courageous) paddle-boaters and successfully docked in order to clamber up some cliff-like rock formations and investigate an abandoned castle.

After that we discovered, and in fact claimed, a small island.

All in a day’s work (or rest), I guess. My only regret was that it was too cold for swimming so we didn't get to use the slide on our trusty vessel. As we pedaled back to shore we passed some kayakers. I yelled, "Ahoy, there!" They seemed confused, and I was a little embarrassed, but got over it.

Of course, we three weren’t the only ones encountering fairy-tale-esque scenes or tempting fate with preposterous self-assurance. Other documented events include:
-Sara “Tom-Sawyering” lemons from an abandoned tree.
-Ancient ruins in various stages of decay discovered in many locations by all members of the team.
-John being literally stalked by a smitten goat-herdess. I am completely serious- ask anyone on the team.


Taylor said...

For all you out there that doubt a goat-herdess actually followed our "ruddy with a handsome appearance" team-leader, I vouch for it. It's true!

John Rozelle said...

Is it really that implausible that a goat-herdess would stalk me? I mean, she is a goat-herdess after all.