13 April, 2006


Tonight was really fantastic. A lot of students came, and there were some great questions and important ideas discussed. I got to meet some new people, which was exciting. And our beloved Croatian language teacher stopped by toward the end, too- we love you, Dragana!

This has been a bit of a hard week in some ways, so tonight was a cool reminder of why we came here and what is actually important. Praise God!


SubMantha said...

Look at how beautiful that Michelle is! So fun to see so many of you gathered together. What was the purpose of it all?

Alexis said...

Sara gave a presentation on evidence for Christ's resurrection, then we went out afterwards. It was great :-). Thanks for commenting all the time- it makes me feel so loved!

monica said...

Thanks for sharing all those photos! They were great. They made me feel like I was almost there.