10 April, 2006

Vodka martini with lemon, please.

I can drink again! That might sound awful, if it does, I’m sorry. It really isn’t awful, and I hope you’ll believe me. I decided to go ahead and give up something for the Lenten season this year, because I’m living in a Catholic culture, and because I’ve considered doing it before but never followed through. I wanted to pick something that I would miss, but that would be doable and wouldn’t hinder ministry (coffee is definitely more of an addiction, but I don’t think I could continue to hang out with students, or even continue to get up in the morning for weeks on end without coffee). I don’t think I normally drink a lot of alcohol, but I really do enjoy an occasional beer or glass of wine, and I definitely missed it over the past 40 days. Especially last Friday night when John, Pete, and Tim cooked a beautiful Mexican dinner. Water just didn’t do the meal justice.

So, anyway, I’m thankful for the times that God has used this over the past few weeks to remind me that I should seek joy in Him and not material pleasures. And I’m thankful that it was temporary (the no alcohol part, not the seeking joy in God part).

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