04 April, 2006

This Monstrosity

Today in language class, we were in our little groups doing our work, and our instructor went to change the music. As she clicked through various selections, 1-2 seconds worth of Bohemian Rhapsody came on and Sara nearly leapt out of her chair, shouting, "Yes, yes, yes!" Dragana could hardly refuse such enthusiasm, so she put it on and left the room to go get some things. This was followed by full-body participation from nearly our whole team for the duration of the song. Yes, there was dancing, singing, lip-synching, air-guitar, air-bass, air-drums, desk-keyboard, and head-banging in full. Good times.


Monica S said...

Wow. That's awesome! Sometimes I feel like doing that, but I resist the urge for the sake of my pride. (I should just crush the d!&# thing anyway...)

I've always thought it would be cool to one day be walking down the side walk with a group of friends and then just "randomly" break out into choreagraphed song and dance. (No, I've never been a drama major or choir gal.) It will never happen, but song and dance to Queen... that's way cooler!

Brian said...

did anyone have any idea why all the americans started convulsing when this song played? personally, if a bunch of koreans started seizing in the middle of a presidential debate or something like that, i might be concerned.

Alexis said...

Monica: I would pay money to see you jamming out to some Queen.

Brian: Your concern is well-founded but unnecessary. We are the only people in our class, so there were virtually no witnesses. And when asked if she had ever seen Wayne's World, Dragana replied, "Well, of course!" So I don't think she was too shocked.