29 April, 2006

Some Final Notes

Okay, we’re almost done with the vacation stuff. I just had such a good time I don’t want to leave anything out.

Here’s some kids playing nogomet.

We decided that Lopud would be a great honeymoon location. John and Taylor make such a nice couple, don't they? They tested out the breakfast-on-the-terrace factor and gave it a high rating.

Taylor and I went on a long hike through the jungle. So pretty!

One late night, Andy, Pete, Michelle, and I were tossing the frisbee near the water. Not too much time had passed before Andy had developed a very fine sport called Brody. It’s a phenomenal game that requires agility, speed, and precision. Some terms/calls to remember: side-woofer, no exclusions, no Brody, in the margin, long shot, and spotter.
Everything else can really only be explained in person.

Another cool thing about where we stayed was that it didn’t have the kitchen that it was advertised to include. We had bought about 8 bags of groceries in Dubrovnik before heading to the island for a great Easter feast. When we arrived and found only a small dorm-sized refrigerator and no kitchen at all we thought our meal was doomed. But then our hosts offered to let us use the restaurant kitchen (!) since they weren’t expecting any customers. It was awesome to have tons of dishes, pans, utensils, counter space, and an industrial strength oven at our disposal for Sunday, and basically the rest of the week whenever we needed anything.

Overall, it was an A+ trip. It makes me sad to think that 6 of us won't be here for Round 2 next year. :-(


John Rozelle said...

Taylor already asked me to marry her. I told her it's against the rules and I was not willing to change my last name to Wilson as she suggested. I don't think that's unreasonable.

Alexis said...

John Wilson is a very respectable name. And Taylor Rozzelle just doesn't work very well since Taylor ends in "r" and Rozzelle starts with "R" - can't you see that? Try saying it: Taylorozzelle. Yeah, not clear at all. People would think it was "Ozel" or something, then you would have to spell it. It is just begging for unending hassle.

Final verdict: You are being unreasonable.

John Rozelle said...

I don't see a problem with Taylorozzelle (if I were to marry her, which I have already replied to her proposition in the negative, for above reasons). My Grandma's name is Ester Maye Tontz. One time at a Chinese restaurant, the host thought her name was Ester Mayton. It was cute. Just like my grandma.
So, it stands that Taylor Ozel would be equally positive name.

Taylor said...

Ugh! If *I* remember the incident correctly, I was the one who refused you! And, no, I do not like the name Taylor Ozel! John, you are so unreasonable.

Xavier said...

You don't know me but I found your page through my roomates blog (Matthew Turkington) and I wanted to say thoes pics were awesome looking. Also, I think that what your doing in Croatia is awesome.

Alexis said...

Hi Xavier! You have a really cool name.

Anonymous said...

found you by linking from Turks' blog. Awesome pictures

Alexis said...

Thanks, my teammates took some of them so it's kind of a group effort.