09 April, 2006

Hotel Continental

Hotel Continental
To the tune of "Hotel California"

Right across from poo river
Traffic in the street
The reek of raw sewage
Dodging the cold, gray sleet

Up ahead I could see it
Punk kids drinking out front
I crossed the road and slowly climbed the stairs
This was it, the Hotel Cont.

Stepping in through the doorway
Hit with the stench of smoke
And I was thinking to myself
I wish this meeting were a joke

Then I saw John sitting there
Patiently waiting for me
The waiter said, “Izvolite”
I sat and ordered tea.

Welcome to the Hotel Continental
Such a boring place
Such a boring place (background)
In nearly every case
Meeting it up at the Hotel Continental
All throughout the year
All throughout the year (background)
You can find us here

One day we met with Andy
To make a strategic plan
Eating some fancy baklava, he said,
“This is so good, man!”

This day was special, a big
They played a techno remix
From Flashdance (scary)

Little girls did baton tricks
All in a straight line
They had
The most gigantic cake they’d made since 1969

We worked on that excel sheet through the afternoon
Just in time to email it to Brooke
Not a moment too soon!

Good times at the Hotel Continental
Such a lively place
Such a lively place (background)
Hardly any space
They’re livin’ it up at the Hotel Continental
Stand in line for cake
Stand in line for cake (background)
Biggest they could make

One time for a staff hunt
Assigned to wait there
The Gottskulz dressed goth and smoked cigarettes
It was hardly fair

It is close to the center
Thus a great meeting spot
There’s a sandwich shop right out front
We’re there at 1:00 on the dot

To get the tasty kulen
Sandwiches before they’re gone
The guy who works there knows us, especially Pete and John

He plays awesome music
And sings along once we leave
I'll keep coming back all next year
That’s what I’d like to believe


Anonymous said...

hi, Alexis, I never imagined you are so talented! I really had a good laugh after reading this, good job! Lots of love from Sanja

Matt McComas said...

great...now I've got this song stuck in my head all day.

Alexis said...

I realize that it is waaay too long, and boring to read- especially for people who aren't familiar with Rijeka. But the original song was long, so what was I supposed to do? It had to be complete.

SubMantha said...

Alexis...that was awesome. How long did it take you to think of that?

John Rozelle said...

I am embarassed, ashamed, and less fulfilled as a human being for not having looked at this earlier. I sincerely apologize and am currently reaping the consequences in my own life. The song, or perhaps "life story" is a more suiting phrase, spoke to my soul. It paints a glorious picture that is reality, a reality that I personally encounter on a daily basis. Thank you for capturing true life so poetically.