08 April, 2006

The Banquet

Last night we hosted a big banquet outreach. We were really hoping and praying for 50 students to come (the most we've ever had at one time was about 35), and 50 students came! This was a miracle in and of itself, but there were so many other small things that came together to make last night go well. This is the boat that the restaurant was on.

Here are some students enjoying dinner and skits put on by other students.

Each table was given a bag of props, a one-word theme, and 15 minutes to come up with a skit. We weren't sure how this would go over in the Croatian culture, but everyone got into it and there were some hilarious moments.

Nice, Tim.

Pete, Zoran, and Masha.

In the end, everything went amazingly well, and we all had a blast. The students had a great time, and we got to meet a lot of their friends for the first time. We are all really thankful that it came together, and can't wait to see what else happens in the next few months!

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Matt McComas said...

Great job Alexis and team! I'm so glad it went well