01 November, 2006

The Banana Strikes Again!

Last night, Taylor, Sunny, and I were busy diligently planning our student event for next week. Andy was bored and wanted to hang out, so he and Allison decided to go get ice cream while we continued working. He was taking longer than he should have to get to our apartment, and we weren't sure why.

"It is Halloween... I wonder if he'll be in costume..." someone mused.

Moments after Allison went downstairs to meet him, we heard our buzzer being pressed insistently. Recognizing the signal, we leapt to our feet and clambered out onto the balcony to be greeted by the beaming fruit.

Seeing him standing there in front of the dumpster, we all simultaneously decided that we really needed to go get ice cream, too. To heck with event planning!

As we set forth, we enjoyed the reactions of a few passers-by. People looked...surprised. Then we got to the Korzo and the fun really started. Lip-locks were severed and makeout sessions completely disrupted all over the city center by the stunning sight of the Banana Man on the Korzo.

There were great hoots of laughter, cat calls, and rounds of applause.

There were numerous probable- but unconfirmed- pairs of pants peed. Admirers requested photo ops, and the ice cream chica gladly served Andy two of the most enormous scoops of sladoled I've seen this side of the Atlantic.

At one point, BanAndy even did a short vaudeville routine for all of the patrons in a café with large windows. We laughed quite a bit, and it was probably the most fun I have ever had before on a single outing to the Korzo.

To misquote the Grandpa in Little Miss Sunshine: "Always with the freaking bananas..."


Anonymous said...

Pic 2...Taylor looks like she is yelling, and I just head butted Sunny (on accident)

Pic 3...Sunny looks extremely scared by the random guy who grabbed us for the picture

Pic 5...I look gross

This whole thing is hilarious...yay for stupid Americans!!!

Brian said...


Anonymous said...

wow allison, you sure are excited about that tasty treat you have in that last picture...good shot of your tongue.
oh and andy...you are my hero

Matt Mikalatos said...

Well, Pete beat me to what I wanted to say. I always hated bananas before today. Now Banandy is my Hero.

Doda said...

I can't believe I didn't get to see BanAndy!!!! he has to do it again!!!!
respect, BanAndy :))