27 November, 2006

Obligatory post.

I'll be glad when November is over and I won't have any commitment to hold to when I don't feel like blogging.

A few items of note:

-Sunny has a sty in her eye.

-Our apartment is really, really dirty right now. Normally we have cleaning parties on Monday nights, but tonight we had some much needed girl time and just talked and caught up with one another. Even though we technically live together, it's hard to connect all at once when things are so busy.

-Today I got to talk to my best friend on the phone! Due to complicated phone arrangements, we haven't gotten to speak to each other in 3 months and I miss her so much. It was really wonderful to be able to encourage one another at a time when we both really need it.

-Tonight I went to an art class with one of my friends here. It was SO fun! I think Sunny might start going, too.

That's it.


Matt Mikalatos said...

That's a strange coincidence about the sty in Sunny's eye.

I have a pig in my eye.

Alexis said...

Oh! Well. You might want to get that checked out by a medical professional. Somehow I don't think a poultice will do the trick in your case.

Sunny said...

I'm so glad my roomates take the liberty of blogging all these amazing things about me... some day when i catch on to this blogging thing, I'l pay you all back..