12 November, 2006

Sign Language- part the second

This is my favorite! Take a moment and savor the details.

No swimming.

No carwashing or dramatic suicides.

All kinds of things are going on in this one.

Piggyback time in Truckland.

No comment I could come up with would really do this justice...

I have a personal history with this one. :-)


sarah may said...

Top photo: We have that exact same sign on all our buses and trains here, albeit in other languages. The locals are real serious about that don't-you-even-think-about-putting-your-feet-up-and-relaxing picture. Lazy bum!

Carwashing and dramatic suicides...don't think I'd ever match those two up, except maybe at the scary Texaco carwash in the U-District near Trader Joe's.

Brian said...

I think the chef was a fine representative of his country, visibly demonstrated by his calm, knowing look and friendly wave in response to an American woman nearly running him over. Kudo's dear chef, kudo's.

Alexis said...

Sarah May~

1) The coke* rocket worked pretty well, but I would suggest getting several bottles to try it multiple times. And a tube to let the mentos slip in fast is essential. Make sure you're in a wide open space, other than that, have fun!

2) Glad you like the Jack Handey thing. The link was a gift (and I do mean gift) from Matt Mikalatos.

3) Ahh, the tram sign picture is from when I visited you in Switzerland... I wish we had them here! I loved it so much I was waiting for a good time/reason to post it.

4) Ha ha, sketchy U-District Texaco. Those were the good old days.

*By 'coke' I still mean Coca Cola, not cocaine or the coal-derived fuel, even though it isn't capitalized.

Alexis said...

the mentos tube can just be a rolled up piece of paper... it's just good to have the stack of mentos ready to drop easily, with a thin piece of cardboard or something over the top of the bottle so when you pull it away, all of the reactants come into contact as quickly/simultaneously as possible.

sarah may said...

Ok, so I'm not going crazy. Maybe I should have looked closer at that photo to read the languages. I really was surprised that you would have it there too, since the locals here are so particular (peculiar?) that I couldn't imagine another country actually thinking you would board a bus with a hand saw, and then proceed to use it on the adjacent seat.

I'm glad to hear that the mentos have a purpose in this life now. My favorite commercial of theirs was the guy who sat on a recently painted white bench in his dark suit. "oh wait! I have mentos! I'll just roll around on this bench and viola! I have a new pen-stripe suit! Thanks Mentos!"

Another pack saves the day!

(the word verification code this time was cool: zinshev)