03 November, 2006


Yesterday we all (the team plus Zoran and Doda) piled into cars and headed towards Slovenia to get out of the city. Zoran took us to this place sort of near the border and we marched off into the woods.

Even though it's been unseasonably warm for the last month or so, as soon as November hit it got cold. So we were a little chilly but hiking warmed us up.

We kicked leaves and ate rosehips and Andy and Zoran rolled down a huge hill.

After a few hours in the wild we headed back to a village nearby for some coffee.


zoran said...

Good job with the pictures! I had an excellent time, even though my navigation skills were under-appreciated. I still claim we could've gotten back my way...besides it would provide a lot more rolling-space for Andy and me.

Doda said...

great pics, sister! :)) it was great! I think I liked the rolling part best!
hm, zoran... I'm sure we could've gotten back your way :) yeah, we wouldn't be lost AT ALL :))