22 November, 2006

A Trio, A Tribute

This is the first of 3 related posts on the same general subject.

So a lot of you know that I really dig Sufjan Stevens. He’s getting more trendy now, so it’s really nothing special to be a fan.

Anyway, last December, I discovered some of his Christmas music and got all excited about it. But now he’s released it all for real!

I don’t have this myself but it’s probably awesome, so check it out:

Songs For Christmas: Box Set!

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Daniel said...

Did you see my sort-of gushing review on the subject, Alexis? I'm sure you can tell that I hold him in high esteem as well. I've been so wrapped up in the Christmas box set that I'm singing Christmas music before Thanksgiving for the first time in my life!

I love the version of "Holy, holy, holy" on disc 5 - it's one of my favorite hymns performed by my favorite musician. Double good!