18 November, 2006

Summer Sprinkles

Sunny and I have… issues. We have more awkward moments together than either one of us has ever experienced with any other person before. Sunny shares my love for coffee, and used to work at Starbucks, too. She also used to work at Nordstrom AND she was/is (I don’t know how this works: present tense? past tense?) in a sorority. This officially makes her the most stylish person I’ve ever met.

Sunny wants us to get a little puppy. Whenever objections are raised due to the impracticality of such a thing, she ends the argument by firmly insisting she would keep the little guy in her purse (indefinitely, I guess) if he ever caused any trouble.

She likes music, grew up in Kent, WA, has a boyfriend (but wouldn’t necessarily define herself as one of those ‘young people, so happy and in love!!!’), had a nasty German stalker on the Korzo for a while, likes to read, and is generally fairly stoic but occasionally cries or lapses into baby talk unexpectedly.


Sunny said...

Alexis claims the word Stoic was meant to be some sort of a compliment, however this is what I found when I looked up the word online, because of course I didn't know what it meant, pay attention to the beautiful snyonyms...

Main Entry: stoic
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: philosophic
Synonyms: aloof, apathetic, calm, cool, detached, dispassionate, dry, enduring, impassive, imperturbable, indifferent, indomitable, long-suffering, matter-of-fact, patient, phlegmatic, resigned, self-controlled, sober, stoical, stolid, unconcerned, unemotional, unflappable, unmoved,and the best yet heartless

Sunny said...

It's lucky for Alexis that I am learning a lot about forgiveness, and forgiving people because Christ has already forgiven me and not because they are sorry.. so Alexis I forgive you.. and any time you need someone to be, indifferent or heartless, I'm your girl! haha just kidding you know i love you

Alexis said...


noun sto·ic
somebody who appears unaffected by emotions [except for the crying part, like I said], especially somebody admired for showing patience and endurance in the face of adversity

adjective sto·ic, sto·i·cal
tending to remain unemotional [again, except for the random tears], especially showing admirable patience and endurance in the face of adversity

See, I told you I did it out of love!

Alexis said...

Um, I forgot to ask you earlier, Sunny, how's that eHarmony treating you?

Sunny said...

if you thought we had issues before... In two seconds I'm going to run into your room and cuddle you/tickle fight to death! two can play at this game..i'm crying right now because I'm laughing so hard! for all you out there.. I have amazing friends who sign me up for hot-or-not, match.com, eharmony, and other awesome (heavy sarcasm) online dating services!
then I'm going to ask you questions about your life while I apathetically, mindlessly, or should I say Stoicly listen to your responses..

Alexis said...

Public Service Announcement:
If Sunny threatens you online, be assured that she will swiftly and surely follow through. I would advise you to take measures to protect yourself, but she is so cunning and sly, you probably won't have time. Instead, much as I did, you will only have just enough time to realize and dread your fate before it is fully upon you.

When you attacked me just now I realized that, even though you look skinny, your years of rugby playing helped you develop a robust and formidable tackle.

Finally my heart rate and breathing are starting to slow down.

But I will sleep in fear.

Sunny said...

you will sleep in fear as you should.. as you should.. and I will be ready for you, I know you will soon be agile as you begin your pilates routine, but i will be on guard
haha i feel like i'm talking in lord of the rings style.. wonder why that would be

Sunny said...

I'm updating my profile. I would, now consider myself to be one of those girls who is crazy happy in love.