06 November, 2006

Hard. Core.

Heck yeah. You better believe it.


zoran said...

Rijeka tiger pirates

and friends


Colors of autumn.

Anonymous said...

That first picture is wicked sweet! =)

sarah may said...

The top picture totally looks like an album cover for some cool band I've never heard of. Would it be the hip-hop type or the Indy-rock with synthesizers and a mad following amongst the slightly-depressed, chain-smokin', moped-drivin' crowd?

All I know is...I would want an autograph...of somebody...they wouldn't even have to be in the band.

Alexis said...

Yeah, one of Allison's friends made the pseudo album cover. I'd like to say the music would be of the second variety you described, but it's more likely a fairly pure version of possibly metal-ish hard rock.

Daniel said...

Wow. Wicked excellent.

Would tiger pirates fight ninja lions?

Alexis said...

Oh, yes.

And they would win.