16 March, 2006


I love Boggle! Thanks for the b-day present, Pete! (And thanks Danielle for bringing it over from the U.S.) I have been longing to play Boggle for months, and now we have it here. This means I will be able to practice up for this summer, when I hope ‘Jamin and Ashley will let me play with them again (they are officially the Boggle masters of the universe). I do have to say, though, that John’s Boggle skills are quite formidable. Maybe at the 2007 mid-year conference John can play with Ashley and ‘Jamin and the rest of us can watch in awe. Wow, I surprise even myself with my own nerdiness.


Matt Mikalatos said...

I am sad to say that Krista is actually the world champion of boggle.

In other news I refuse to play boggle for one very important reason: I cannot stand the sound of the letter dice shaking in that little plastic cube. Drives me absolutely nuts.

Monica said...

me too! When my dad brings out the boggle cube, I run into hiding like a cat that has recently been shaved. (I've not shaved any cats, but my friends once coaxed their cat out of hiding to let me see their shaved cat. The poor thing looked naked.)

Ashley said...

All of you aspiring Boggle Masters out there, now is your chance! 'Jamin and I have officially retired Boggle from our date-night repetoire. Why you may ask? Because we are both way to stinkin' competitive. Also, 'Jamin cheats. Ok, so not really, but if he wins, I am left to mope and pout for the rest of the evening. Not so much a romance-inducing option we've found.