31 March, 2006

Militants in Wheelchairs?

..or disabled veterans.


Garland said...

That's hilarious. Only in Croatia, I suppose.

Alexis said...

Yeah, I know. This is seriously the official sign they use for disabled veterans.

John Rozelle said...

This ancient symbol actually dates back to the War of 1813 (not to be confused with the War of 1812. When China invaded Croatia, the Croats were forced to mobilize all troops as well as any citizens able to fight. Included in this category were disabled Croats who were able to weild a fire-arm.
The squadron of disabled snipers, known as the One-Shot Rollers, became widely known for their incredible aim. Their endeavors in the battle of Mound Rushmore, secured Croatian victory against their Chinese invaders. This symbol of the One-Shot Rollers actually commemorates their success and flies high the flag of committed citizens to defend their country in every way possible.
(Really, it's true. I read it in a book.)