27 March, 2006

Tush is a less-harsh word for butt.

The other day, Taylor declared, “I’m beginning to think in blogging posts!” So at least there is someone out there who is as addicted to the internets as I am. Taylor loves people and cultures and adventures of all kinds. She is also the most wholesome human being I’ve come into contact with. In January, our team considered it a major breakthrough moment when she started quoting Wayne’s World for the first time.

Last week her and I were eating lunch together in the student restaurant with two girls we had just met. Sara sent us both text messages asking when we would be home, and she ended the message with the phrase, “Shine your shoes, govna?” This was meant to be read with a cockney accent and was intended as a mildly amusing but basically meaningless addition. Well, Tay-tay just skimmed through and when she saw ‘govna’ she assumed it was a new Croatian word, so she asked our new acquaintances what it meant. We learned that, in Croatian, govna = a certain four-letter word (ending in ‘it’) for excrement. I couldn’t keep from laughing and poor Taylor just squirmed and blushed.
Taylor loves Jesus and hates cussing, and right now she’s in Italy with her family.


Hillary said...

What is Taylor's blog address? (From as OSU friend who found your sight through Tim and Sara's.)

Alexis said...

The link to her blog is No thanks...I don't know, and the address is: http://taylorawilson.blogspot.com.