08 March, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

It is really beautiful outside today, and my birthday is getting off to a great start. Here are the highlights:
-To start with, I went on a date with Pete this morning and because it was my birthday he paid for most of my hot chocolate (I threw in 110 lipa) and also invited me to come be homeless with him if I’m not married in a few years. It was a serious offer, I think, and I’m seriously considering it.
-This afternoon I played some Stack Attack (an incredibly dull, primitive cell phone game I’ve become addicted to) and set a new high score of 1880! I think I may have the highest score on the team right now.
-Also, last night when I was at the Serys for dinner, Tim said I was well adjusted for a homeschooler, and I have to admit that felt pretty great. We also got to watch The Royal Tenenbaums, and it was fantastic! It really is one of my favorite movies, and I was reminded of all the reasons why.
-The most exciting aspect of my birthday so far, though, has to be the fact that we got an internet connection set up at our apartment today!!!!! That’s right, people, I am at home right now, writing this, and I won’t have to wait a few days to post it. I can also email friends from the comfort of my own couch, and now we can hang out with Pete and John without being accused of having ulterior motives. What an amazing day.


meg said...

Happy Birthday!! Wow, it must be birthday season or something! Hope it's been a good one :).

Matt said...

Yea for you! Happy Birthday! Wow internet, dates, cell games... the fun never stops! If I wasn't broke I'd come back and see ya'll. Guess I'm gonna have to wait for you to come back and see me.

Matt Mikalatos said...


p.s. I always suspected you were a home schooler.

mom said...

hey alexis- if you and Pete decide to go homeless in the years to come- PLEASE do so in a warm and safe place! your mom

pete zagorda said...

sorry lexie's mother for bringing up the homeless thing to her.....and lexie, i paid for all of your hot chocolate, don't be spreading rumors about me not paying for all of it, you just had to pay for some of my coke.......happy birthday