24 March, 2006


Andy is very passionate about tea (favorite kind: P.G. Tips) and coffee (preferred brand: Illy), and makes the best lattes and cappuccinos in the world. Actually, Andy is passionate about everything, and does most things very well. As far as human beings go, he’s pretty much an anomaly. He speaks English, Spanish, Croatian, Mandarin Chinese, French, and Nasu (a language he invented). Andy plays piano and guitar, enjoys gourmet cooking, and may go to Harvard to get his MBA. Just writing all of this is exhausting…

Andy is working a lot on his freestyle walking skills this year, and once drank an entire container of salsa. The Perfection Sequence blog (under Rijeka Tigers links) is his, but he forgot the username, then he started a new blog but forgot that username, too. And, yes, he is the one in charge of team finances. Andy is cool and we’re glad to have him around this year. Oh yeah, this one time Andy was literally galloped at by a bouncer in a Slovenian discotheque, and he shouted “I don’t speak Slovenian!” on the way out the door when he was forced to leave because he was carrying a Coke bottle.


Matt McComas said...

Andy is a handsome man.

Carolyn said...

Obviously all that coffe and tea is making his heart beat too vigorously.
And Marnie, if you wnat to have a baby, lay off the pepper juice. Just think what kind of temperment the little Gott would have.