31 March, 2006

Friday I’m In Love*: Weekly Highlights

-Last Sunday our whole team missed church because we weren’t aware that Europe switches to Daylight Savings Time one week before the U.S. does. They really, really need to come to an agreement about this and just do it on the same day.

-Our student visa applications have now been officially rejected, and we are in the process of re-applying for work permits. More copies, more forms, more phone calls, more emails, more visits to MUP (the police station). Awesome.

-About a week ago there was some kind of police activity on a boat in the harbor here, and after the bust (or whatever it was) was over, 52 (52!!!) guns were recovered from the surrounding area that had been tossed overboard by various panicking unauthorized carriers.

-Someone was talking about the concept of EQ (emotional quotient- following the idea of intelligence quotient, only in the psycho-social realm). Tim conveniently summed the conversation up with: “IQ is nerdy, and EQ is nerdier.”

-On Tuesday, Pete and I went to Pula (about 2 hours away by bus). We considered it more of a vision trip than anything else. Not a spiritual vision trip, but a recreational one. We only had a few hours there, and it was cloudy, and we didn’t even find the main area of town, so next time we will: bring more people, go on a sunny day, find the walking street, and bring flashlights for these rad crawl spaces we found tucked away underneath the old Roman arena.

-I recently realized that in all of my time here, I’ve failed to mention that we live next door to a toilet store. This fact, I’m sure, will prove to be a humor-spawning gem. So, yeah, if anyone’s looking for a suit or something…

*I’m not actually in love. It’s just Friday, and I really like that song, so I figured it would make a good title.

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