15 March, 2006

Of pocket protectors and color-coded closets...

Sometimes I get confused and think that I have a type A personality. I go on for a while trying to be pulled-together and organized and on top of everything, but in reality, I’m so not. After a while, my stomach starts to hurt and I get pretty cranky until someone who loves me clocks me over the head with a whiffle bat and tells me to take a time out, take a nap, take a walk, drink some tea (or bambus?), and lighten up. Thanks to those of you who have done that for me from time to time, I appreciate it.


pete zagorda said...

hey lala lexicans,
i didn't know that there were perks to loving you, i think i might give it a shot! do we have a whiffle bat here?

Anonymous said...

hey alexis! Do you remember getting "clocked" in 5th grade for being so type A? You had to stay home from school for a day, so you could get a grip.
While the whiffle bat part sounds like great entertainment..beating you up so you'll quit beating yourself up isn't that great. SOOO the moral of the story is..I love Alexis, they love Alexis, He loves Alexis, we all love Alexis- now ALEXIS loves Alexis.
If you are really good ,I'll get you a new whiffle ball for that bat!

Alexis said...

Okay, Mom, that's a little embarrassing. FYI, everyone, I did go to normal school in 5th grade. It's not like they had to keep me home from homeschooling or something...(?)