23 March, 2006

Marnella Jane, a.k.a. Marni Michelle Gott

Marni makes some mean lemon bars, and that is for darned certain. She’s also the current team basketball champion, with no challengers on the horizon. Interestingly enough, when she was a bit younger, Marni wanted to be black (i.e. “African-American”) and went so far as to pierce her nose and put her hair in corn rows for her Tupac listening sessions. As a much younger child, she wore an eye-patch. This was apparently doctor-advised and intended to help correct her vision, though her husband (Andrew Schneider Gott) maintains that it was really because her parents wanted her to grow up to be a pirate. He probably knows best, wouldn’t you think?
Marni drank jalapeño pepper juice for the first time this very evening, and (on a completely unrelated note) I would wager a small fortune on the prospect of her getting pregnant within the next year.
While to the best of my knowledge all of the above is true, perhaps more importantly I wanted to say that Marni is a very kind and compassionate friend who follows the Lord humbly and wholeheartedly.

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