01 May, 2006


Sometimes people announce milestone posts like 100 or 200, etc. This is post #107. Cheers!


pete zagorda said...

lexi you are mean, i was going to do that at about 90something.......fool. good work anyway, you know what they say, great minds think alike, but i guess 'un-great' ones do too????

monica said...

hi pete. i don't know you, though i have read about some of your adventures on john's blog. --however the factual evidence which he posts is sometimes a bit muddy (though quite entertaining!).-- however, i think i would have to put alexis in the great minds category. yes, alexis, you are no einstein (i don't think i even spelled that correctly...), but you have spoken into my life with much wisdom and i am so thankful for your friendship.

don't worry pete. maybe someday i'll get you know and place you squarely in great minds category along with alexis! (...says the all-knowing jugder of mind greatnes...)

on second thought, this mind is pretty un-great, too.