01 May, 2006

WCs in Croatia

We are in the process of apartment hunting. Our current apartment is a little quirky. We have 4 couches, a HUGE desk and armoire- both in the bedroom, roughly 12 or 13 chairs (one of which has wheels- fun times on our slanted floor, we can roll down the hallway), a defunct freezer that is twice the size of our refrigerator, and a “forbidden” room packed full of our landlord’s belongings that we have sealed off with plastic because it makes Taylor sick. The three of us share one bedroom (for a little while we all shared a bed). And our bathroom is large enough to park a mid-sized automobile in.

Last week when Taylor went to look at a few apartments, there was one we were pretty excited about- it had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms! Well, when Taylor got there, she was a little disappointed to find that the 3rd bedroom was not included in the price, so if we wanted it we would have to pay extra. “Not a huge deal,” she thought, “on with the tour!”

She checked out the kitchen, which wasn’t bad, and then the fun began. There was a door in the kitchen leading to one of the bathrooms. This door consisted mainly of frosted glass. In the kitchen (just wanted to make sure you got that part), next to the sink. On the other side of the door, there was a shower to the right, and a toilet/changing area to the left. So you could be standing at the stove grilling some chicken and glance over to see a freshly-showered person walk by the frosted glass on their way to pee or get dressed. Nice.

The second “bathroom” was situated in the following manner: In one of the bedrooms there was a sink in the corner. Straight up, just chillin’ in the corner. Near the sink there was a door. The door led to an outdoor balcony. On the balcony there was another door, on the other side of which was a toilet. Just a toilet. That was the extent of the second bathroom. Sink, door, deck, door, toilet.

Two questions: Who? and Why?

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