01 May, 2006

Hunting Season

Taylor is now the official greeter-person of Rijeka. If you know her at all, you know she likes meeting new people. So she is pretty excited that tourist season is beginning. This is a relatively small city, with a population of only 150,000 or so, and after living here for 8 months now, Taylor is eager for new faces and new friends. She saw four back-packers today, two of which were young, masculine Spaniards (she speaks Spanish fluently). Cha-ching!

Later this evening, we were out walking, and started talking about architecture. Some people we know are fascinated by architecture and know all about the various periods, styles, etc. This is surprising to me because I am interested in a *lot* of things, but find architecture to be as boring as heck. In explaining this, I said, “I mean, I'm more interested in rodeo cowboys than architecture…” Michelle promptly declared, “Well of course, rodeo cowboys are hot!”

Ladies and gentlemen, it is officially springtime. Tourists and rodeo cowboys be warned!


Taylor said...

I would like to clarify that I am not hunting Spanish men in the downtown area, or even men in general. I mean, really. Would I do that?

I am just interested in meeting the traveling tourists. I mean who wouldn't want to talk to another American who walks through here?! It's about as rare as seeing snow in this city. And you can pick out the tourists in a snap. They stand out about as much as you do, Alexis, when you wear the neon orange OSU sweatshirt on the korzo.

Anonymous said...


Taylor said...

LOL. Yeah, Lalalexikins. Tell us about Hans.

Taylor said...

I counted 8 Englishmen on the Korzo today!

... Not that I'm counting or anything.