19 May, 2006


So today we were sitting in staff meeting, and we started talking about the going away party we want to throw. Pete was saying we really need to barbecue a ton of meat on the back porch, then, in a gesture of politeness and appreciation of good health, he mentioned that we could have vegetables, too. But he said ‘wegetables’ because we all know that Croats tend to pronounce ‘v’s like ‘w’s, and it’s funny. Then he said, “Yeah, we’ll have plenty of weggies, too!” And that made us think of wedgies, so there were jokes flying around the room about how many wedgies we’ll have at the party, etc. We were all laughing pretty hard, since our senses of humor are resolutely juvenile, and, besides, who doesn’t like to laugh during business meetings? A few people suggested we pull ourselves together and move on to the next topic, with only semi-successful results. Then Andy declared loudly, “Yes, let’s move on to the next topic: Debriefing! The debriefing follows the wedgies!” And looking down at the agenda, it was plain to see that the next topic was indeed a discussion on when/where to hold our debriefing for the year. The whole team collapsed in hysterics.

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monica said...

Ah do you ever get too old for some juvenile humor at times? I mean really, I think even the queen of england would be a little hard pressed not to laugh!

But this reminds me, for some reason my mom and dad both use to call wedges--wedgies. That's right wedgies. They would ask me, in all honesty, "would you like a tomato wedgie?"

I think they now finally know the difference.