20 May, 2006

Check out the butt on that.

Someone recently pointed out to me that I have a terrible habit of instantaneously switching from covert glance to all-out gawk when investigating new or unusual sights, usually of the human variety. The picture is just to illustrate the type of thing I might be turning to see, after being advised/directed by a friend. (And this woman was, in fact, the object of interest during an actual occurence of the following sequence of events.)

Things usually start off well enough with a deliberately subtle and slow turn to look, then: BAM! My eyes get wide, my face springs into a sloppy grin or horrified sneer, and it’s over. I’ve given myself away. A shameless, rude American, boldly laughing in the face of cultural sensitivity and acceptance of those with different fashion related belief-systems. I MUST get better at keeping my cool. Even years of training provided by my mother (we quite enjoy people-watching together) has not prepared me for life overseas.


Brian said...

i think the best part is the subtle glance. my definition of a slow gander is looking at one intermediate object before going directly to the sight in question, while you seem to have mastered the 12 point semi-smooth gaze. its really a sight to see.

also you forgot to mention the pointing.

Alexis said...

Oh yeah, this one time it was early in the morning and I was tired and there was this nun on a bus that I was pointing out to Tim (there was a reason for this, having to do with another nun, another time, that I won't explain now)...and instead of just using words I also fully extended my arm in an obvious pointing fashion. Brian said, "I think that nun thought you were pointing at her." Well, I was.

And this other time, Brian smacked Sara in the face.

Anonymous said...

always on the lookout for claymation people!