24 May, 2006

post script

Sorry if that last post was a little over the top. I was feeling pretty frustrated and essentially just used this forum, once again, for a tidy little self-therapy session without much filtering or organization.
Just to clarify some things (in case you read it, or started to try to read it and gave up because I kept jumping around and throwing out abstract comparisons…):

~ I love my friends here and the time I get to spend with them. It can be discouraging at times when we hit a brick wall in communication or if there are things that are really important to me that get trampled. But I love the challenge, and I love the relationships, and life is not ultimately about me or my failures or my opinions or my ability to convey things.

~ Life IS about Christ. It is about truth and about loving Him and knowing Him and serving Him. If you don’t agree with me, I’m not surprised. And I don’t care all that much if you think I’m an idiot or a bigot or narrow-minded or tragically deceived. I realize that if I’m wrong, I’m totally screwed and that’s an option I’ve taken into consideration.

~What I DO care about is continuing to search for truth and encouraging others to do the same. There are many lesser points of theology, interpretation, action, and expression that people may disagree with me on and that I myself may shift in over time. But I desperately want for people to care enough about truth, about reality, even about themselves, to consider - honestly and genuinely consider - who Christ is/was and what the point of His life was, and whether His claims about Himself are true, and if it does or does not matter to us today.

I believe it matters immensely. But you already knew that.


Anonymous said...

as a former STINTer once said, "STINT is the best therapy you can get on someone else's money."

i think blogging runs a close second.

monica said...

No appology neccessary. What you wrote was beautiful. You have always been very wise and prudent in how much of your heart you expose. Be encouraged friend, and keep running towards Jesus!