18 May, 2006


Last night we had some students over to watch the movie Amadeus, then we discussed jealousy/envy. The movie was long, but we had a pretty decent conversation afterwards. The reason I bring it up, though, is that listening to all that Mozart reminded me (again) of how much I love music. Deeply and obsessively. All kinds. So, now I’m inspired to bust out some classical stuff I’d forgotten about, and maybe some jazz.

Then, last night I was wasting time on the internet and happened upon the KEXP-sponsored Sasquatch Festival lineup. AHHHHHH! I am so sad that I can’t go this year, and truly jealous of people who can. Last year I went with my friend Ashley, and to be honest, the intense heat and thick haze of pot smoke nearly did us in, but it was so worth it. And this year there are 17 or more bands that I really want to see. I can’t wait to get back to the good old NW and see some live shows, and Poker Matt said we could go see something this summer, which will be awesome. I’m pretty out of the loop in terms of the current musical landscape, so anyone else who knows what's going on and wants to go to stuff this summer, let me know and we’ll make it happen.

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