20 May, 2006

All In A Day's Work

Like I said earlier, we started the day out with a meeting. Then we spent some time assembling/preparing materials to hand out at some showings of the DaVinci Code movie this evening. Look at everyone working so hard! (Yes, this is for you, Matt.)

Then it was time for some mandatory team fun. It was Sara's turn, and she chose to have us meet at our new apartment- which we haven't moved into yet, but already have the keys to.

We made banana splits and played pinochle and Bang! and listened to some totally awesome music on Tim's computer. Some favorite tunes/artists: Smells Like Teen Spirit, Man in the Mirror, The Freshmen, Beastie Boys, Van Halen, Like A Prayer, Know When to Hold 'Em, Matchbox 20, and many more timeless classics and 90's pop-rock hits. So many songs I'd forgotten about!

I can't really say much about these pictures other than John is pretending to take a nap, and Andy and Pete are pretending to decide some important matter by breaking a wishbone... I love my team.

Tonight, between sessions of handing out stuff about the The DaVinci Code at the movie theater, we did actually watch the movie, and it was pretty lame. Tom Hanks looks totally creepy with that greased-out mulletish hairdo. And Paul Bettany's character was kinda freaky. Now I'm pretty tired, so I guess it is time for bed.


Anonymous said...

My parents and I are going to see the movie tomorrow night - thanks for the heads up. By the way, did you read the book?

Alexis said...

No, I didn't. I have a feeling the book was probably better than the movie- more detail, etc.

Matt Mikalatos said...

I am reading the book. Or trying to, I mean. But me am not so good reader. Me no like so much.

Glad to see you all so hard at work.

Taylor said...

Alexis didn't mention that I practically jumped into her lap twice during the movie because of one of the freaky characters. Poor Alexis.
I will have to add that the hint of approval towards temple prostitution as the proper form of worship upset me.
Let us know your thoughts when you finish the book, Matt. You should try hookd on fonix, you closet-elitist you.

Matt Mikalatos said...

Well, the problem of course is that I really can only read elitest literature, and trying to get through popular trash like DVC just slows me way down. I keep looking for symbolism, characterization, things like that. Takes forever. Then eventually I figure out, "Oh, the fact that he's an albino is supposed to be some sort of symbol. I guess."

John Rozelle said...

1)Taylor-I dont see what the big deal about temple prostitution is. Everyone is doing it.
2)Matt-I just want to let you know that even though I was not pictured in the work photo, I can personally guarantee that I was working hard as well, and not just in the kitchen trying to finish of a bottle of brandy.
3)Is it just my color-blindness, or do I look really orange in the third picture on here? Am I really that orange? If I am, someone please tell me. If it is just my color-blindness causing problems again, I apologize.