20 May, 2006

The best 6 minutes of your day.

Francine posted this first, and it is truly amazing. Go here and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Alexis...

We have the obsession, now all we need is an address and we have your husband!

Anyway, I am sorry I missed your calls today. I tried calling you after the first one, but I didn't have a calling card (mom took it with her I think). So then I waited for your next ones, but I was cleaning the building. And by that time it was midnight for you...

I still love you, I hope you love me too...(sniff)

Bye bye boo boo


Alexis said...

Huh. I'm a little confused, but if you're talking about me marrying the dancing maniac, I'll consider it.

Guess what- it's after midnight and I'm still up. We'll talk tomorrow, k? Enjoy the prom.