26 May, 2006

About Split: Night One

Earlier I mentioned the trip to Split. We saw and experienced many fun and/or interesting things, and I’ll try to recount the more entertaining of them for you.

We traveled overnight by boat, about 10 hours each way. Three of the four of us being missionaries, we went for the least expensive ‘deck pass’ ticket option. This meant that our sleeping quarters were none other than the narrow leather benches in the swanky on-board bar.

Check out said bar:

You can buy Red Bull there, but only if you pronounce it Euro-style: ‘Dlehd Buuuuhl.’ Otherwise you are considered unintelligible and will likely be ignored.

The evening passed pleasantly as we enjoyed some pretzels, time out on the dark and windy deck, meaningful conversation about our purposes in life, and a few episodes of “The Office” (courtesy BBC Home Video and my computer) before bed.

The actual sleeping part of the night was much trickier. Between bright-ish lights, slippery sleeping bags sliding off the benches, loud drunken Croats up until 3 and rising again at 4 or 5 for coffee, and an estimated temperature of 97° Fahrenheit, it wasn’t very restful.

In the morning we docked a little before 6:30am, (more or less) ready to begin the day. We were greeted by two older middle-aged men (one of whom resembled Elmer Fudd) who tried to convince us to accept their lodging arrangement offers. Their prices were high, so we said 'no thanks' in about as many ways as we possibly could without resorting to profanity and continued on our way. Eventually they stopped following us.

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