07 May, 2006

Good Times

There is no shortage of blogging-inspiration here in Rijeka, but life has been busy. Spring has sprung and time is running short. There are students to hang out with, a summer project to prepare for, events to coordinate, an apartment to move into, language homework assignments to do, Frisbees to throw, newsletters to write, emails to send, dishes to wash, bills to pay, phone calls to make, etc.

There are three big things I am particularly thankful for right now, though:
1) We got an apartment for next year that is amazing- everything we could have wanted in terms of space, location, features, price, and so on.
2) We have a car for the next month at least and maybe even the next year. This has been really helpful already, and even though we can certainly get by without it, it is a huge bonus. It’s an ’84 Audi- not pretty, but it works.
3) Our work permits went through!!!!! Now our lawyer is 99% sure we will get our temporary stay permits without any further problems. Our visa/residency situation has been an issue for most of the year, so this is huge.

Thanks, God!


Matt Mikalatos said...

I can't believe your visas finally went through. You must all be so sad. Now you will have to invent some drama for your newsletters and e-mails. I know, maybe you should start dating a Croatian man. That should introduce some interesting conversations and conflict to the team.

Alexis said...

Yes, sir! You heard it here first, loyal readers and skeptical teammates. I will go out and find myself a Davor or an Ivan. Take your complaints to Mr. Mikalatos!

Taylor said...

Woohoo! Let the matchmaking begin! Oh, Lexie, remember that guy from the "group date" the other night? Yeah, the one sitting on your right. Yep, you KNOW that you wanted to say yes when he asked you out to that bar. Now you have full permission. I'll see if I can get his number from Maja...

Oh wait, that 50 year old guy who asked you to go on a cruise with him did ask first... First come, first serve?