21 May, 2006


Today was pretty boring. I washed the dishes, did a few loads of laundry, started packing up my things to move to the new apartment, went running, set up some coffee dates for next week, and did some other random things. The day was punctuated by many battles in the ongoing war with my computer cord.

Somehow, probably due to a cheap adapter, the charger/plug-in thing for my laptop got fried. For a few months there, it worked okay if one was willing to spend a few minutes wiggling it and listening to some electrical snapping, crackling, and popping. Then, a few weeks ago, it got a lot worse. Even 15-20 minutes of delicate coaxing and forceful jamming failed to produce a connection. So I pretty much gave up and resorted to using the Serys’ cord whenever I could borrow it. But today I got desperate and finally got mine to work for a little while- enough to charge it to about 94% (a few hours worth of use). Then I accidentally kicked it with my foot. ARGHHH! After that, no dice. Every hour or so I tried again. Alternately praying for and cursing at the device didn’t make a difference.

My frustration continued to mount. I’m still pretty t.o.’d about the whole thing. Why do I let stupid stuff like this get to me? I’m supposed to be all patient and mature and stuff, but really I’m a whiny brat when things don’t go my way.

Other things that annoyed me today:
~The US dollar continues to drop like a rock.
~I was simultaneously cleaning the kitchen and making coffee and kept cleaning up after- or, rather, before- myself. I do this to Taylor all the time, but didn’t realize how aggravating it can be until today. Reach for the spoon you were using- it’s already in the sink. Turn to grab the cup you got out for the coffee- it’s back in the cupboard. How my roommates put up with me, I’ll never know.
~The list of things to do was not shortened nearly as much as I had hoped.


Anonymous said...

something that didn't annoy me today - finding out that you jog! woo-hoo - let's go jogging in ft. collins, deal? we can jog out any and all annoying frustrations together. how's that for running the race with endurance surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses? ;)

Alexis said...

Yeah I just started exercising again recently. I'm pretty much a huge wimp, but I'll try to gear up for Ft. Collins. And hopefully the witnesses will be kept at a minimum...